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Media Requests Forms

MC-500 Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast
MC-510 Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage

The above are links to media request forms in PDF format. Once completed, the forms may be returned one of the ways below.

Faxed to:
Court Administration: (530) 999-2382
Civil Division: (530) 605-2802
Criminal Division: (530) 999-2003
Mailed or Hand Delivered to:
Superior Court of California
County of Shasta
1500 Court Street, Room 205
Redding, CA 96001
Email to:

Media Procedures and General Information

Requests for Media Coverage

Requests for media coverage of any type, including pool cameras, shall be submitted to the trial judge on the form approved by the Judicial Council.

Limitation on Coverage

Other than as permitted by the judge in a written order, photographing or electronic recording is not permitted in any part of the court, including, but not limited to entrances, exits, halls, stairs, elevators, and courtrooms. Cameras and recording devices shall be turned off while transporting them in any area of the court unless permitted by the judge in a written order. Photographing the interior of any courtroom through glass door windows or between the double doors is prohibited. No microphones or cameras of any type are permitted in any courtroom unless the judge has expressly so permitted in a written order.


Media personnel shall turn off audible cell phones and pagers while in courtrooms.


At no time shall any grouping of people in any hallway become so large as to obstruct pedestrian traffic.

Filming Jurors

Photographing and filming any person wearing a juror badge in the court is prohibited.

Media Equipment

Equipment and devices used for media coverage shall be turned off while being transported to designated media areas or courtrooms unless otherwise permitted in writing. If audio recording is not permitted by the trial court judge, radio recorders may be taken into the courtroom so long as they are not turned on and remain inside an enclosed base or bag, unless specifically prohibited by the trial court judge. All media wires and cables in court must be permitted by written order of the court and shall be secured or covered.

Contact with Parties to the Action

No member of the news media or the public may approach parties to the action or their attorneys while in the courthouse.

Physical Location for News Media in the Courtroom

With the assistance of the court bailiff, and at the direction of the judge, media personnel shall be seated in the general audience seating area. No one may go beyond any barrier separating the public seating areas from the rest of the courtroom.

Responsibility for Rules

All media personnel shall be familiar with and comply with these Rules, Rule 1.150 of the California Rules of Court, and any applicable orders.


"Media coverage" means any photographing, recording, or broadcasting of court proceedings by the media using television, radio, photographic or recording equipment. [Rule 1.150(b)(1), California Rules of Court.]

"Judge" means the judicial officer or officers assigned to or presiding at the proceeding. [Rule 1.150(b)(4), California Rules of Court.]

"Media" means any person or organization engaging in news gathering or reporting and includes any newspaper, radio or television station or network, news service, magazine, trade paper, in-house publication, professional journal, other news-reporting or news-gathering agency. [Rule 1.150(b)(2), California Rules of Court.]

"Court" means the courtroom at issue, the courthouse, and its entrances and exits. [Rule 1.150(b)(3), California Rules of Court.]

Courthouse Parking

Parking around the courthouse and the Justice Center is metered street parking with two (2) hour limits. The meters accept nickels, dimes and quarters.

Weapons Screening

All persons entering the Shasta County Courthouse shall submit their persons and items in their possession to weapons screening, by use of metal detection and x-ray equipment. NO KNIVES OF ANY TYPE ARE ALLOWED IN THE COURTHOUSE.

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