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Court Case Records
Access to the Shasta County Superior Court’s electronic court records.
More information on electronic court records can be found here.
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Jury Summons
Jury summons instructions are posted by 5:00 PM daily.
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Pay Traffic Fines
Shasta County Superior Court partners with Official Payments Corp® to offer traffic fine payments over the Internet. Your citation number is required to make payment online.
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Remote Appearance Information
Upcoming Remote Appearances and Remote Appearance Procedures.
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Tentative Rulings
This Court does not follow the tentative ruling procedures described in California Rules of Court, Rule 3.1308(a). Instead, tentative rulings are posted outside of the court department on the day of the hearing, pursuant to Rule 3.1308(b)(1). As a courtesy, the Court also posts the tentative rulings on its website no less than 12 hours in advance of the time set for hearing. A party is not required to give notice to the Court or other parties of intent to appear to present argument.
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Online Services (On External Web site)

California Court Self Help Center

Will help you find assistance and information, to work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

Online Filing TurboCourt

An interactive program to assist you in completing court forms.

Help Filing at ICAN Legal

An online application to assist with completing court forms.

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